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Rural Business Program

CCBR has partnered with the South-West Texas SBDC Border Network’s Rural Business Program and the UTSA College of Architecture to prepare economic base studies and community plans for the communities of Encinal, Port Isabel, Pecos and Zapata. “This is an exciting opportunity to provide these community leaders with key economic development tools that they will be able to use in planning their community’s future,” said Dominique Halaby, CCBR Director. Each project is expected to be released by the end of the summer 2010.

Texas Small Business Economic Impact

Texas Small Business Economic Impact

To assist the State of Texas in understanding the economic impact of Texas businesses with fewer than 100 employees, the Office of the Governor contracted with CCBR to prepare Little Companies, Big Impact: The Economic Impact of Texas Businesses with Fewer Than 100 Employees.

This report focuses on several areas, from understanding the relative importance of high-growth clusters in Texas to determining the import role small businesses play in the state’s economy. Central to our report is the quantifying of the total impact small businesses with fewer than 100 employees have on the Texas economy. We estimate the 377,374 firms which comprise this category to have a total production impact of over $915 billion. In addition, a series of maps presented that depict the relative importance of various industries by Council of Government area. Also discussed is the relationship between a counties’ median household income and the presence of various small business establishments.

Understanding the relationship between income distribution, business concentration, and economic contribution is a key element in developing a strategy to promote small business creation and foster economic growth.

Executive Summary

Technical Report #1

Technical Report #2

Disaster Resiliency Program

CCBR, in conjunction with the Contracting Resource Center and the Southwest Trade Adjustment Assistance Center has been selected by the Economic Development Administration to outline the economic impact of recent disasters on businesses in the Rio Grande Valley and to recommend strategies to strengthen to improve business continuity.


CCBR works with Startech (formerly SATAI) to determine the economic impact of the companies they assisted in 2009.

Tejano FanFair

CCBR works with the Tejano Music Association to determine the economic impact of the 2009 Tejano FanFair.

Port San Antonio

In order to determine the potential benefit of pending improvements to the road and rail infrastructure to the Port San Antonio, the Port administration contracted with CCBR to perform a Benefit Cost Analysis of the components directly associated with the proposed development.

Southwest School of Arts and Crafts

CCBR has been selected to properly demonstrate the demand of a Bachelor of Fine Art program to Southwest School of Art & Craft.

Institute of Texan Cultures

CCBR has been selected to assist the Institute for Texan Cultures by developing a business and marketing plan. “We are excited to have the opportunity to apply our expertise in business planning and tourism research to aid one of the university’s key assets in strengthening its market position,” said Dominique Halaby, CCBR Director. As part of this project, CCBR will be assisted by faculty from the UTSA College of Business and the Minority Business Enterprise Center.

Sonora EDC

CCBR presented an economic base analysis and strategic plan update to the board of the Sonora Economic Development Corp. The CCBR research team provided the attendees with a better understanding of the local economy and provided the EDC with a series of recommendations for improving the community’s economic outlook. “Sonora is an amazing community with a lot of wonderful assets. We are just excited to be in position to help community leaders in understanding how to capitalize on future opportunities,” said Dominique Halaby, CCBR Director.

San Antonio EDF

CCBR works with the San Antonio EDF to determine the economic impact of firms assisted by the EDF in relocating to San Antonio.