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Texas Small Business Economic Impact

Texas Small Business Economic Impact

To assist the State of Texas in understanding the economic impact of Texas businesses with fewer than 100 employees, the Office of the Governor contracted with CCBR to prepare Little Companies, Big Impact: The Economic Impact of Texas Businesses with Fewer Than 100 Employees.

This report focuses on several areas, from understanding the relative importance of high-growth clusters in Texas to determining the import role small businesses play in the state’s economy. Central to our report is the quantifying of the total impact small businesses with fewer than 100 employees have on the Texas economy. We estimate the 377,374 firms which comprise this category to have a total production impact of over $915 billion. In addition, a series of maps presented that depict the relative importance of various industries by Council of Government area. Also discussed is the relationship between a counties’ median household income and the presence of various small business establishments.

Understanding the relationship between income distribution, business concentration, and economic contribution is a key element in developing a strategy to promote small business creation and foster economic growth.

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Technical Report #1

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